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Tennessee Recruiting Open Thread: Chase Rettig, Monty Hall, and the Third Door

So we've all heard by now that Chase Rettig has given his verbal to Boston College.  So that leaves us with a Jesse Scroggins that's precariously between UT, USC and Florida, and ...

Monty Hall would put it this way:  you pick Jesse Scroggins as Door #1.  Then Monty takes away Chase Rettig as Door #2.  Now the question:  do you stick with the door you chose, or do you go with the unknown Door #3?

In the real Monty Hall game, Door #3 has twice the odds of success as Door #1.  It's somewhat analogous here; strictly by the numbers, the odds are in favor of some unknown quarterback having a better college career than Jesse Scroggins (though the analogy fails in that we'd still have to predict who that unknown guy is).  But that's all a roundabout way of asking:  Who is UT's 'Third Door' -  the next quarterback option if Scroggins falls through?

I've updated the Tennessee Volunteers 2010 Recruiting Big Board.  Details are after the jump:




Updates to the Board include

  • Quarterbacks:  The biggest thing you'll note is that the quarterbacks have their own unique markers:  a red "Q" stands for a quarterback who is verballed to a different program; a yellow "Q" is for a quarterback who has not yet verballed.  Currently, there are five quarterbacks on the board:  Scroggins, Rettig, Brunetti, Legeaux, and Mason.  Are there any others?
  • Kaleb Eulls has verbally committed to Mississippi State.  He's still on the board, but will likely be removed in the near future.
  • Pinpoint locations have moved slightly.  They are still located at high schools, but are now centered on the football fields.  This was done for the Google Earth application, which is still really cool and you should check it out if you haven't already.  (And if you have downloaded it, the updates are already in place!)  Note, though, that some schools have significant amounts of construction going on in the Google views, so the pinpoints are sometimes located in dirt piles where the football field seemed to be likely to end up.
  • ESPN has a list of UT-specific prospects.  Care to help me prioritize them?  I know I'm missing a bunch from the board - some that should be there and some that shouldn't.

Upcoming updates:  primarily getting more of the known UT targets on the board and removing some of the most improbably prospects.  Any suggestions here would be very warmly received.

In the future, I will likely put up open discussion threads for recruiting on Thursdays of every week; this week was bumped up due to Rettig's news.