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Talking Points: Tennessee still desperately seeking Scroggins



  • That "story-edit" up there? Yeah, I don't know, either. Bug. Will be squashed soon.
  • You know I wish that I had Jesse's word. Eleven days and counting until Jesse Scroggins announces his choice between Tennessee, Southern Cal, and Florida. The fact that a 5-7 Tennessee team is in such good company may be a positive sign even if Scroggins chooses not to don the orange, but boy are we desperate for a QB.
  • Upset alert. Tennessee-Ohio makes ESPN's list of five games to fear in the SEC. The Bobcats lost several close games last season and hung with Ohio State until the fourth quarter.
  • A week is longer than the .11 seconds it takes the Google of Football. Smart Football notes that Monte Kiffin will have to do more week-to-week adjusting in college than he did in the NFL.
  • My kinda guy. GVX names Jacques Smith its top prospect in the state of Tennessee. He's in the running for mine as well, due to this quote:
    "I really don't like Alabama's campus. I don't like their football team, either."
  • Ooh. National TV. The basketball schedule this season will feature several non-SEC, national-interest games: a home game against Kansas and away games at Memphis and at Southern Cal against former Vol coach Kevin O'Neill.
  • Lists! Pat Summitt and Lane Kiffin make the second ten in the Orlando Sentinel's list of the most powerful people in the SEC.
  • More lists! Bryce Brown is #3 on Bruce Feldman's list of the player's he's most interested in seeing this season.



  • MGoBlog is the captain of the Dumb Police, and he wields a large and solid nightstick. Exhibit A: Brian's response to a column stating with certainty that this would be Rich Rodriguez's last season at Michigan:

    From: Brian Cook
    Subject: Attn: twit

    I run mgoblog. I will bet you your entire year's salary that Rich Rodriguez does not get fired after this season. Since you believe it's "obvious" he will be fired, this is an opportunity for you to make a cool fifty bucks.


    It's perfect, really.
  • Via Dr. Saturday, Ole Miss players Greg Hardy and Dexter McCluster were involved in a fiery car accident over the weekend. Hardy and McCluster -- two of the Rebels' best players -- seem to have escaped both injuries and any hint of wrongdoing, as another driver pulled out in front of them.
  • Get ready. Time to get your helmet schedules. Chest bump to bleeding orange.