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Around the SB Nation: Big 10 fans know how to irritate SEC fans


  • Maize N Brew offers Big 10 fans a handy guide on how to irritate SEC fans:
    As discussed in previous chapters, each particular fanbase has its own unique set of genetic hair triggers that will set its members off like old, wet dynamite strapped to a paint mixer. The SEC is no different, though its context is. While a slur involving a mullet and an IROC is guaranteed to get you into a fight in Big East country, in the SEC such conversations are generally considered complimentary. Mullets are appropriate in any social setting and commenting on an IROC implies that their mode of conveyance is not up on blocks in front of their motor home. Which is also up on blocks. You must know and understand these cultural differences between subsets to get under the skin and/or tube top of these fans if you are to irritate them for your own amusement.
    Dave then proceeds to do just that, but even he can't bring himself to criticize Chick-fil-A.
  • The Minnesota Golden Gophers are getting a brand spanking new stadium this fall. It's outside. It's open-ended and its end zones are not situated on the north and south points of the compass, but east and west. You know, where the sun rises and sets? Yeah.
  • The Rivalry, Esq. is messing with your head.