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Tennessee / Kentucky Footballer Incident? Rumors Abound, but Facts are Absent

There is an internet-rumor level explosion in Kentucky going on right now about an incident at the Royal Lexington apartments on Saturday night.  These apartments are a popular living site for University of Kentucky students and are unsurprisingly no stranger to police incidents.  The incident itself is being talked about primarily on Kentucky radio stations and in Kentucky chatrooms of various levels of credibility (A Sea of Blue, Kentucky Sports Radio, and UK Sports Info are in the forefront at the moment from the Kentucky point of view).

So far, everything is at the rumor level.  The most consistent details are that something happened at the Royal Lex on Saturday night and police were involved.  Radio stations have reported that a UK player was arrested.  But from there, it goes purely into speculation.  On Kentucky chat boards, speculation seems to be focusing toward this scenario:

  • A UK female student-athlete (who may have been from Tennessee) invited some UT football players up for a visit.
  • The visit got a little tense, and somebody called UK football players in.
  • The incident got heated.
  • A weapon (read: gun [read: handgun] ) was involved.
  • No injuries are reported or speculated.
  • The only name publicized at the moment is Micah Johnson, a Kentucky player.

Make of it what you will.  So far, an extensive scouring of various news sources to the north have revealed absolutely nothing.  (Which could either mean nothing happened or that the media is still gathering details.  Or both.)  It's still at a rumor stage, but there it is.

(h/t to VolBrian and btcoop71 for pointing this out.)