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Talking Points: Fate wreaks havoc on Tennessee wide receivers


Tennessee football

"It's tough. It really is," said Crompton, Brown's roommate. "Especially when I come home from class one day and I see him laying on his bed one day with both knees wrapped up from double knee surgery. That's tough on him. But he did a great job handling it, getting back from it and all that.

Brown's been keeping himself busy with alternative workouts, including boxing, swimming, and stationary biking. He's added 15 pounds, which is good because he'll likely be playing tackle instead of end this season.

  • Nick Stephens has also put on about 15 pounds of muscle and is retooling his throwing motion. He and Crompton are going to be spitting reps evenly with the beginning of fall camp. I have mixed feelings on that. Doesn't one of them need as many practice reps as possible?
  • Thanks to everyone for participating in the RTT Create a Uniform contest. Devildogutk has chosen to receive a copy of Rocky Top Tennessee 2009, which means kidbourbon gets a copy of Bruce Feldman's Meat Market. Congrats, guys.
  • Tennessee basketball


    • Running behind this morning, so the SEC links will make their way into the noon Around the SB Nation post.

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