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Around the SB Nation: Alabama fan wants to kill the SEC Championship Game


  • Heresy! Roll Bama Roll wants to kill the SEC Championship game. No, please. But the statement that "conferences should be capped in size at 10 teams and everybody should play everybody" has a certain allure.
  • Waa, waa, waa, waa, waa. Black Shoe Diaries is amused by the Big East showing interest in Penn State 25 years after the Nittany Lions petitioned to join the Big East, which provides me with the opportunity to quote Brad Paisley:
    Let's say I get bucked off a bull and fall and hit my head
    And then I get amnesia and forget the things you said
    I lose my better judgment and I take up smoking crack
    Right then, that's when
    I'll take you back

    Somebody needs to 'shop a shot of JoePa with a crack pipe, please.

  • When even your own people don't believe you. Alligator Army is suspicious of Urban Meyer's continued insistence that he'll never jump ship and head to Notre Dame and says there's a way he can prove his loyalty:
    If Meyer wants to put his money where his mouth is, he will sign a contract that has a massive buyout clause (like $100 million) or prevents him from breaking the contract. If he plays out his contract and does not resign with Florida, he can leave or get fired. Otherwise, you can be the highest paid college football coach, with the security that Florida won't lose its investment. Until that happens, Meyer shouldn't be making promises.
    Alligator Army also briefs us on Charlie Strong's recent comments to media in Tallahassee, including this one:
    Strong said that for Tennessee, they will "just play the game," and not try to win "fifty to nothing."
    Well, crud. Time for some more material for the Gator locker room, sounds like. If they "just play" us, they'll kill us. Our only hope is to get them to want to "kill us," thus getting them out of their normal mode of operation. Wait. Yeah. Never mind.
  • A Sea of Blue is still hearing whispers of rumors of an incident involving Kentucky and Tennessee football players, but to this point, he's not telling.
  • Dawg Sports: Has Mark Richt missed his chance to win a national championship at Georgia?