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Around the SB Nation: the online Bobby Bowden roast

Only two lunchtime links today, but they're dandies and should keep you busy until you have to clock back in.

  • Last night, the Tallahassee Quarterback Club held a roast for Florida State coach Bobby Bowden. Tomahawk Nation did the same:
    Bobby Bowden's career as a football coach speaks for itself. For the past 32 years, he has been the head coach at Florida State University where he has led the Noles to an overall record of 309-91-4. Well, depending on the upcoming NCAA ruling. His real record might actually be 6-4-2, we're not sure yet.

    . . . .

    But for all his faults, and all the shots we've taken at him over the years, Coach Bowden is a great man with an even better heart. It's an honor to get the chance to roast him and to have had him as a head coach for the last 246 years.
  • How long do SEC programs give their coaches to build a football program, on average? Track Em Tigers compiles an exhaustive list.