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Tennessee Volunteers Recruiting Big Board: QB Updates with Nick Lamaison

Earlier this week, when Rettig committed to Boston College, I began scouring the recruiting knowledge in the vast ether for not-yet-discussed plan C prospects.  Just as I was finishing up a reasonable list, Nick Lamaison decides to head east to UT to be a part of the Vols this fall.  Because of his unique situation - a JUCO transfer with 3 years of eligibility who can play immediately - I'm keeping all of the other additions to the Big Board in tow.

So the theme in today's update is quarterbacks.  Lots and lots of quarterbacks.  Have I missed any that we should keep in mind?  Until we get more certainty for the 2010 class, I want to keep all options open.

Looking forward, what other positions most need discussed and updated?  Receivers?  Offensive line?



And remember, if you have the Google Earth app, you get the Big Board updates as they happen!  If you see any additions/subtractions/revisions that should be made, email me and let me know.