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Talking Points: Eric Berry reportedly slower than his younger brothers

  • Love it. Montario Hardesty on the new offense:


    "I love it. I love it, man," he said, literally gushing. "It's the same scheme I ran in high school. You hit the line running, and the holes open up. I love it ... love it."
    I love the sound of that.


  • Talking to the right people. Daniel Lincoln is trying to get his groove back by reaching out to former UT kickers Fuad Reveiz, Jeff Hall, and James Wilhoit (same link as above).
  • That whole wide receiver thing? This puts it into perspective quite nicely:
    The Vols finished spring practice with eight scholarship receivers. When sophomores Ahmad Paige and Tyler Maples decided to transfer, the number dropped to a half-dozen.

    Now the six has become three.

    Yeah, so having our entire returning receiving corps consist of Quintin Hancock, Brandon Warren, and Todd Campbell means we'll need help from tight ends Jeff Cottam, Luke Stocker, and Ben Bartholomew and incoming freshmen Nu'Keese Richardson, James Green, Marsalis Teague, and Zach Rogers. Lotsa newness in that list of names.

  • No thanks. The NFL supplemental draft passes on Demetrice Morley.
  • Cheese. Spencer Hall on Travis Henry's poor decision to take on the feds.
  • Tougher'n a pine cone toilet seat. And via the magic of sharing on Google Reader (another chest bump to Spencer), another college coach who doubles as a quote machine: