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A 4-Star Place Kicker?!? Welcome to UT, Palardy!

Normally, I'd put news of a new recruit on the sidebar, but a 4-star kicker is something you don't see every year.  Mike Palardy of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida just gave his nod to the Vols as his home for 2010.

There's not a whole lot to say other than wow, but special note must be made of Eddie Gran.  Gran is the coach who recruits Florida and is the special teams coach (in addition to running backs).  I've been really, really impressed with Gran as a person off the field; his on-the-job performance is leaving no doubt as to how special he can be for the Vols.

Here's some terrific place-kicker eye candy for your enjoyment.  Just imagine this guy in one of those sweet new uniforms you're dreaming up for the RTT Create Your Own UT Uniform Contest.

Competin' for Kickers!