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Recruiting Tuesday: Jesse Scroggins Eve and other Updates

First, the elephant in the room.  Jesse Scroggins, as you know full well, is scheduled to make his announcement tomorrow.  After the announcement is made official, we'll post an announcement on his decision as quickly as we can so all of you Twitter-heads will get the update.  So don't worry if you happen to be driving and can't find a station that's covering UT sports.  Of worse - if you are stuck in some business meeting with a long-winded boss who 'just doesn't understand what the big deal is'; simply leave your phone on vibrate and we'll end the misery [um...] begin the celebration [er...] stop the suspense straight away.

With that said, there are lots of updates to the RTT 2010 Recruiting Big Board.  Here's the map, and here's the Google Earth file (which auto-updates every time you load it!  have I said that enough yet?).  Details will come after the jump.




  • Tyler Stephension, CB, has committed to Baylor.
  • Jordan Allen, DE, has committed to LSU.
  • Corey Miller, DE, has committed to Florida State.

My take:  while all three are quite good players and would have been welcome additions, those are not positions I'm currently worried about.  While it's true that you can't have too much line depth, not every D-lineman can be a Vol.  So, best of luck to these three except when they play the Big Orange.


  • Dyjuan Lewis, WR from Indianapolis
  • Matt Milton, WR from Illinois
  • Wayne Dorsey, DE from Mississippi Gulf Coast CC
  • Jeffrey Godfrey, ATH from Miami Central
  • Calvin Smith, DT from Hialeah High in South Florida

Details of each player may be found in the Big Board, and the full-size version in the link below the map can be particularly helpful in researching recruits.  I will say a couple of things.  Jeffrey Godfrey is a teammate of current Vols commit Jose Jose, and at 5'11" would most likely fill a cornerback or returner role with UT (as far as I can tell).  Calvin Smith is a teammate of very highly regarded DE prospect Corey Lemonier (also a UT prospect).  Watch Hialeah High:  they could become a gold mine for UT this year, especially since they're in Eddie Gran's turf.

Also, I'd like to explain a little of my philosophy regarding the board.  In an attempt to balance content with convenience, I try to get as many recruits up on the board as I can that are either strongly considering UT or at least not strongly leaning away.  If you search the usual databases, you'll notice a lot of high-profile guys who list UT as a possibility and who are not on the board.  Sometimes I miss 'em (and please point them out, I do appreciate the help).  Other times, I think they're leaning too strongly toward a different school to be seriously considered at this point.  So rather than just  toss every single UT prospect on the board, I cut out those who are favoring other school.

I also cut out those who are not yet offered by UT unless there's a significant reason to include them.  So as the offers roll out, I'll have to update them and see if they should be on the board.  So if you think somebody's missing, one of these might be the reason why.  Or I missed them.  That happens too.