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Wednesday Talking Points, Recap Edition

It's not quite a Talking Points per se, as some of this is has been mentioned in other forms before.  But here are some of the goings-on with regards to UT football, UT basketball, Rocky Top Talk, and SEC Media Days.

  • Jesse Scroggins seems to have moved his announcement to Thursday.  HomeSweetHome at Gate21 has a great post of reflections over the whole quarterback recruitment process.
  • Eric Berry's Heisman campaign is modeled after politicians' campaigns.  This only makes sense, as the Heisman is almost purely a political award (in the sense of the politics of sports, not the politics of government, naturally).  I'm well-established on record as not caring about the Heisman, but I am very pleased to see UT going to this trouble for #14.  They think he's special enough for this kind of effort, and we agree.  If he makes the final 5 and goes to the Offense-Only Club, I'll be completely thrilled for him.
  • We're still trying to figure out which stores are carrying Rocky Top Tennessee 2009.  If you see one in your locale, let us know where you found it.
  • USA plays Israel for the gold in the Maccabi Games today after beating Canada 123-76.  Of course, Israel beat Argentina 110-53, so it's not like you can pick a favorite that easily.  You might be able to catch it live at the link, but no guarantees.  I haven't managed to get anything live yet.  The game starts at 7 PM Israel time - the math is your problem.  ;-)