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SEC Media Days preliminary reconnaissance

Well whattayaknow? It's real:


I've picked up the media guides. Here are the ones for today's guests:


Random observations:

  • I've never seen so much khaki.
  • So I'm on an elevator alone with Vanderbilt Commodore head coach Bobby Johnson, and . . . nothing happened. He's my size (sorta short). He's in much better shape than I am, though. And we have the same color of hair.
  • Dave Hooker's voice dominates Radio Row.
  • I've already spilled an entire box of Chick-fil-A french fries on my hotel room floor. Bad omen? Stay tuned.
  • I'll be in the print/internet room, which sounds obvious until you realize that there's also a radio/internet room. Mike Slive kicks things off at 12:30. Arkansas follows at 1:10, and then there's Vanderbilt at 2:10, Mississippi State at 3:10, and Kentucky at 4:10.
  • A blogger with spotty internet service is a frustrated blogger. Service in the room is, well, I couldn't figure it out. It's better down here in the media rooms, now that I've located the right network to tap into. Anyway, if you've been trying to reach me and couldn't, that's why.
  • That's all for now. See you in the live threads. I may even have one for Mike Slive.