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Report: Spurrier's the one who voted for Jevan Snead over Tim Tebow

Chris Low of ESPN is reporting that it was in fact Steve Spurrier who voted for Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead for All-SEC above Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Spurrier has apparently confirmed this to several people within the Gamecocks' football program.

So now the question: Why? As I speculated on Tuesday night's Team Speed Kills Now podcast in advance of SEC Media Days, the logic that Spurrier would vote for Tebow because he voted for Tebow for Heisman doesn't necessarily follow. Snead was not in the Heisman race, and Tebow was mostly competing for the Heisman against players from other leagues. Spurrier's an SEC guy, and perhaps he's always thought Snead was better. Or perhaps he thinks Tebow's had his time in the sun and that Snead deserves some time there as well. Or maybe it was a mistake or a renegade assistant. Yeah. A renegade assistant.

Regardless, we'll find out from Spurrier himself in about a half hour, when Spurrier's scheduled to address the print/internet room at SEC Media Days.

[Note by Joel, 07/24/09 10:55 AM EDT ] My live-blog notes on Spurrier's comments on the matter here.