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Talking Points: Lane Kiffin to finally re-establish Tennessee's running game?

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  • Fool me once. Inside Tennessee points out some troubling statistics for the Volunteer running game over the past several years. In 2005, we rushed 399 times for 1,411 yards and 10 TDs. Cutcliffe promised to change that, and in 2006, the team rushed 382 times for 1,404 yards (despite two more games). Clawson, too, came with promises of a renewed runnning game, and his offense rushed 409 times for 1,475 yards. So are we to believe Lane Kiffin's promises with respect to the running game? The one thing that's different is that Kiffin is actually in charge instead of simply a coordinator, although I think Cutcliffe pretty much had his way with the offense.
  • CRUNK! Yeah, Markeith Ambles is one of the Crunk Incident commits. He hopes to help us land an elite QB.
  • 0001001111000111. Mike Slive hinted at it at SEC Media Days, but the SEC has now officially announced that the SEC Digital Network will soon be available. What is it?
    With its arrival just prior to football season, the fully integrated new media network will empower fans to experience their favorite SEC teams outside of live, at-game parameters and within minutes after a game's conclusion. "The SEC Digital Network provides our fans with access to the largest online library ever of the Southeastern Conference and its institutions," said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. "Through the efforts of XOS Digital, the SEC Digital Network will provide us with the ability to create and repurpose programming for our fans in a way that was not possible in the past."

    . . . .

    The SEC Digital Network will provide fans with access to exclusive content through online video syndication, digital downloads, and exclusive live-streaming and on-demand video content encompassing:

    • Highlights
    • Complete game replays
    • Breaking SEC news in real-time
    • Post-game interviews
    • Tailgate events
    • Behind-the-scenes pep talks
    • Press conferences
  • Instant Impact players. VolQuest on the incoming freshmen most likely to see significant time on the field this season: Bryce Brown has a legit shot at the No. 2 running back position. Nu'Keese Richardson was likely going to find the field anyway, but count on it now with all of the injuries to returning WRs.
  • $$$. The class that landed Eric Berry cost Tennessee $1.3M. Worth it? Yeah, because any revenue that was earned after the first game last year pretty much has to be attributed to him.
  • Tough love. The Denver Post has a great perspective piece on Robert Ayers, who says he never would have made it if his parents didn't stick him on a bus in Jersey City and send him to South Carolina.
  • SEC recruiting roundup. Chris Low has an SEC recruiting scorecard. Tennessee has 13 commitments, four of which are on ESPNU's 150 Watch List (Ambles, Broussard, Copeland, and J. Smith).
  • #27. I don't know where this started (Mike Griffith, I know, but what made him start talking about it?), but there's talk of possibly having Al Wilson coaching or something on the sideline for the Vols. That would be great and all, but how does that work?
  • Gate 21 continues its preview series with Alabama.
  • Opportunity plays ding dong ditch with the Vols (2008 retrospective: Auburn 14, Tennessee 12)
  • More Scapegoats, Please (2008 retrospective: Tennessee 13, Northern Illinois 9)