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Talking Points: Eric Berry's Heisman campaign lacking in new media?

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  • Putting $10k where your mouth is. Despite the assertion that Eric Berry's Heisman campaign "will blanket the nation to give him as much publicity as possible," UT's spent only $10k on a giant inflatable jersey and ten electronic billboards, including one in South Florida, one in Atlanta, and several throughout Tennessee. The campaign is also reportedly to include viral videos, which suggests that they can be passed around like a contagion, but if that's the case, I've yet to be infected. Anyone know what the story on the viral videos is? The videos on the website are great, but they're not only not embeddable, they're stuck in constant buffering mode, which means that only the biggest fans will actually see them. RTT and the Tennessee fan community on the web may have to take this upon ourselves from a new media perspective, folks. Who's in?

    [Note by Joel, 07/30/09 9:41 AM EDT ] Good news. I'm told by Tiffany Carpenter that they'll start releasing the videos in late August through the Big Orange Email Newsletter. Sign up here.
  • Just try to take away the grass at Florida. The Vol Historian worries that news about Tennessee studying AstroTurf means natural grass at Shields-Watkins field is endangered.
  • He'll ask and answer his own questions on the field. Montario Hardesty is having a great attitude about answering questions about Kiffin, the QBs, and Bryce Brown, which I'd think would totally suck. It seems the only questions he's getting about himself are whether he's healthy.
  • No. 11. Pat Summitt makes Sporting News's 50 greatest coaches of all time at No. 11. She's in good company with the likes of John Wooden and Phil Jackson.
  • Right. Does SEC Commissioner Mike Slive really want to restrict coaches from ribbing each other every now and then? No, says David Climer.
  • Almost here. Marvin Melvin Goins has finished up his junior college degree and is on his way to Tennessee.
  • Waiting on Bray. 3rd Saturday in Blogtober finds an article suggesting we may have to wait a long time to find out if Tyler Bray will be a Vol.
  • More previews. Gate 21 continues its preview series with South Carolina and LSU.
  • 2008 retrospective: The Clawfense isn't so hard to figure out . . . for Georgia's defense (Georgia 26, Tennessee 14)
  • 2008 retrospective: A brief respite (Tennessee 34, Mississippi State 3)