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Talking Points: Lane Kiffin asks you to eat your veggies

Tennessee football

  • Foiled by broccoli. Michael Palardy's attempt to video vault his commitment to Lane Kiffin was thwarted by an inability to reach Kiffin while cameras were rolling ($). Eddie Gran was available, though, and he was able to save the day by getting Kiffin on the phone. Kiffin had a good excuse for the delay, though, which he told Palardy once he hooked up:
    Mike, I'm real sorry man. I'm trying to get my kids to bed and they're yelling at me about trying to feed them vegetables.
    Lane Kiffin is For Vegetables. You won't see that on an ESPN crawl. Or maybe you will.
  • They like us! And them. Michael Prader, the #3 WR in the nation, puts Tennessee in his top 10. The other nine are Illinois, Oklahoma, USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Auburn, Missouri, and Miami. Defensive back Cody Riggs -- younger brother of former Vol Gerald Riggs and teammate of Palardy -- has Tennessee in his top 5, the competition being Georgia, Florida, Notre Dame, and Florida State.
  • Another day closer to football. Freshman CB Mike Edwards begins summer classes and workouts today.
  • Celebrating the 4th on the 1st with bittersweet chocolate milkshakes. I FanShot this earlier, but don't miss GVX's weekend coaching profile on Eddie Gran.
  • Wow. picks the SEC and puts the Vols fifth in the East ahead of only Vanderbilt. Yes, that means we're behind Kentucky, that team we've beaten for something like 24 years straight.
  • Tennessee basketball



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