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Talking Points: Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...


First, your morning wake-up  (h/t dhj):

  • Scroggins Watch: S Minus 18 Days Jesse Scroggins appears to be holding to his plan to announce at the Elite 11 camp in Las Vegas.  (More content here ($) if you're addicted interested.)

  • Remembering John Ward Lawvol at Gate21 has a terrific tribute to the 10-year anniversary of John Ward's retirement.  As an outsider at the time, let me say just how blessed you were to have an announcer of his caliber.
  • Kickers, Ho! Mike Palardy talks about his commitment with Dave Hooker.  Quick question:  is the excitement around Palardy's commitment more a function of his skills, or of the problems in UT's special teams over the last few years?
  • Who to stalk now?  Now that Scroggins has a date set and the top kicker is off the board, who should the stalkers follow?  How about Kyle Prater ($), who appears to be close to UT commit Zach Fulton?  Or perhaps Cody Riggs ($), brother of Vol favorite Gerald Riggs and member of the Eddie Gran Recruiting Territory Club?
  • "Scout"ing Report. has a preview of Western Kentucky - Lane Kiffin's very first opponent as a college head coach.
  • The Other Side of Football:  More of the incoming football freshmen are starting classes this week (second term).  It's not talked about much, but the summer session is, for most athletes, their first time away from home.