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Talking Points: He's Leaving! I'll Get It Right One Of These Years!

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  • UT has made an offer to Chase Rettig.  That can only mean one thing:  PANIC ARMAGEDDON ENDOFTHEWORLDS CROGGINSTOUSCAAARGH UT understands that Scroggins might not commit to the Vols and is going to make sure they have other options.  The GVX commenters are already calling Scroggins sour grapes, which makes the brand-new GVX hide-comment feature all the more attractive.
  • Speaking of quarterback prospects...  cocknfire from TSK thinks he has found the secret double-blind handshake answer to UT's quarterback problems.
  • Black Jerseys are not on the horizon At the moment. But they are ordered a full year out, which means that the 2010 uniforms are due to be ordered sometime before this August.  Which is very well-timed with our Create-a-Uni contest.  (hint hint)
  • Ok, the deaths can stop for a bit.  We all have finite life spans.  It's a fact of life.  But getting more news of life tragically cut short early is getting depressing.  Former Vols running back Terry Moore (UT 1972-1975) has run toward the light.


  • Know Thine Enemy  More from TSK - Year2 looks at the head-spinning self-analysis that UGA fans are going through while trying to reconcile their future with the departure of Stafford and Moreno.
  • We're Number 1!  Woo-hoo---oh, wait.  It's one thing to be considered a part of the top rivalry game for the year.  It's another thing when it's only because people want to see how much Urban tries to run the score up in the 4th quarter.


  • WHAT RECESSION?  The UTAD is giving money to academics like never before.  It's possible to view this in a very pessimistic light, though we just don't have the information yet to know how it'll play out.  Either way, the athletic department is indeed tied to the success of the university overall and has a vested interest in the academic welfare of the place.  In a beggar's economy, it's probably a good idea not to get too choosy about where the funds come from (hint, hint, GVX commenter).
  • If we bug him long enough, will he get frustrated and quit?  I'm guessing Urban Meyer sees no humor in all the continuing suggestions that he's going to leave Florida.  Even if it's Finebaum.  Even if it's Finebaum using the "his lips are moving, therefore he's lying" line.  Which leads to the question of the day:  would you rather (a) have Meyer leave Florida after this year, or (b) have Finebaum be wrong?  (Alternate ponderance:  if Finebaum predicts Urban's departure every year, will he take credit when he's right?)