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Lunchtime Links: Around the NCAA, Mobile Commenting, and Tweeting

Yeah, so it's a slow week out there.  Around the NCAA:

  • Analyzing the BCS from an economic sense.  TSK takes a look at the BCS from a money view.
  • It's still really odd to see a #1 ranking go to a Minnesotan.  NTTAWWT.
  • Maize n Brew on a roll.  First, they look to evolve beyond the Godzillatron.  But the offseason is getting to them, too, as they've graduated to criticizing the critics.
  • Do Programs Always Improve in their second yearRBR looks at the numbers.  They seem to come to pointed conclusions about "proven head coaches", so get ready; they're prepping for their Kiffin/Chizik memes for 2010 already.
  • We love lawyers.  Yes, we do.  Of course, messes like this could be mostly avoided if we all acted ethically in and stuck to our words in the first place.  Nothing is more tedious than a "we meant X, but technically it says Y" argument.


But the biggest news of the week so far is from SBNation herself.  A few of you have already experienced the mobile commenting revolution.  I don't have the capability with my grad-student-budget-friendly cell plan to get involved in that, but everything I hear sounds pretty cool.  Here's the short run; mobile commenting was kinda sorta available before, but the system really wasn't designed with it in mind.  Being ever on top of shiny technology, the SBNation boys hand-built mobile commenting features specifically to make it easier.  And that's what I'm hearing so far:  easy.  If you haven't given it a shot and have the ability, try mobile commenting.  That way you don't have to be at a computer to let us know your thoughts when Crompton wins the Heisman.  ;-)

The other feature isn't as immediately noticeable, but potentially just as important:  Tweeting.  You already know that we have our own Twitter feed to give you instant notices of new posts on the site.  Our feed, however, can only go so far, as it primarily reaches people who are already members of the site.  But with that little green button at the bottom of every post, you can Tweet an article on your own Twitter accountWe really want to encourage you to do this as it'll help us get more visibility and bring new members into the community.  Our goal is to have the largest, most vibant community of Vols fans on the web in a place that encourages civil, thoughtful, honest, anti-troll discourse.  If your Twitter readers are anything like you, then we know they're the type of people we'd like to have around.

(We don't usually ask for your help advertising us.  It's a respect thing; all of us have enough on our plates without these kinds of requests.  But this is so incredibly easy and useful that we just can't pass up, so excuse us this one indulgence.)

And Tweet.  Us.  /shill