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FINAL DAY For RTT Create Your Own Uniform Contest Submissions

If Will can do it...
If Will can do it...

Just a quick reminder that today is the final day for submissions for the RTT Create Your Own Uniform Contest.  A brief reminder of how this works:

  • Use the EA Teambuilder Website to Create an Entry.  You can create as many uniform designs as you like, but let us know which one you want as your 'official' entry into the contest.
  • You'll have to use a screen capture to take the picture.  EA doesn't have a photo builder in that website.
  • You have to have the file uploaded to the internet to post.  FanPosts require a web address for a picture.
  • The earler you post, the more feedback we can give.  That is not to say you can't post in the 11th hour, but we'd like to chat about your ideas.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS GETTING THE PICTURES ON RTT:  feel free to email us (addys at the bottom of the page).  It's better to have us post than to not have it posted at all (though, for sanity's sake, we hope not to get 5,000 submissions in our inboxes...)  But again, get 'em up.


After all the entries are compiled, we'll set up a vote on Friday so that you can choose your favorite entry.  The top vote-getter will get their choice of:

  1. A free copy of Rocky Top Tennessee 2009, the annual that is currently shipping and was edited by Joel.
  2. A free copy of Meat Market, by Bruce Feldman.

The runner-up gets whichever the winner didn't pick.

Of course, you could always post more uniform designs whenever you like - they'd just be for discussion afterward.