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2008 retrospective: the final haiku

A final ode to 2008, in RTT's Hail Mary Haiku style:

Ooh. It's a Clawfense.
Is it too complicated?
Not for preseason.

UCLA? Pants.
UAB? A running game.
Gators? Allergies.

Auburn? Ding dong ditch.
NIU? QB scapegoat
proves insufficient

Bulldogs? One. Net. Yard.
Mississippi State? Respite.
Yet it's all too brief.

And the Crimson Tide?
"We beatthehellouttayou"
In Neyland's best seats.

Finally, acceptance.
Against Spurrier, no less.
Press conference, you're fired.


So ends the Phillip Fulmer Era, which, to be fair, had more than its share of high points.

The Lane Kiffin Era begins Monday, when the team reports for its first practice. See you then.