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Vols in the NFL - Preseason Week One

With football suddenly all around us on television, even if it won't be of the variety that counts for another three weeks, the NFL preseason offers opportunities for several ex-Vols who are trying to make an impact.  So while we won't spend time talking about Peyton Manning's 1 of 2 for 6 yards performance last night, three others with much more on the line were in action:

  • The quarterback debate in New York is squarely between Matt Sanchez and Kellen Clemens, but Erik Ainge went 10 of 17 for 148 yards and a touchdown in the third string role.  The folks at Gang Green Nation, however, are not impressed.  Ainge will continue to work to either hold his spot as the Jets' third string quarterback, or hope that an opportunity presents itself elsewhere, because it doesn't look like he's going upward on the Jets' depth chart.
  • 2007 first round pick Robert Meachem appears to be healthy, for the most part, and caught 3 passes for 77 yards and a touchdown for the Saints.  He's playing in an offense where he can thrive with Drew Brees under center, and Canal Street Chronicles mentions his significant playing time against the Bengals as hopes for good things in his future. 
  • The Future is in Baltimore, where Kelley Washington caught two passes for 31 yards in his preseason debut.  The Ravens have never been known for offense and may have their own quarterback battle on their hands with Joe Flacco and Troy Smith.  KDub is pushing 30 now and spent the past couple of years in a special teams role with the Pats...perhaps he'll finally find some on field merit at WR in Baltimore.  Stay tuned...