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Talking Points: When the Cat's Away...

With Joel on a very well-deserved break, the inmates are left to run the asylum.  So, working on hooper standard time, here are the talking points for the day.  (I don't do 5 AMs like Joel does.)

Football Practice

"He's always been one my favorite safeties in college."

  • Eric Berry #3:  Two forces are about to collide - #14's unstoppable on-field wrecking ball, and the Heisman Committee's ongoing campaign of hatred against Tennessee.
  • Quarterbacks:  Despite the ups and downs, things appear to be more ups than downs for the qbs.  Weidmer at the Times Free Press plays the standard media good-bad-good angle, but some of the players are taking notice of the difference in quarterback play between this year and last:

It was all enough to cause defensive end Chris Walker -- who had at least a little to do with those hiccups -- to note: "I just think Jonathan's more consistent. He's really playing well."

More Recruiting

  • SPEEEEEED!!!:  I've heard of fast linebackers before, but a 4.38-40?  Please tell me that's electronically timed.  And if so, please tell me he commits to UT.

"I am very quick and very fast for a linebacker," says Williams. "I can get to the ball quick but this past summer I’ve been working on getting even quicker because the more speed you have the more dangerous you are. I am also a great team leader and motivator. I can get us that win."

"Right now Tennessee is on top in my top three. It goes Tennessee, LSU, and then Alabama. After that there is Oklahoma and a few others. It really upset me that there was an article out there on a recruiting site that said otherwise and I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression about me."

Lady Vols Bonus

  • Three of our former Ladies will be on the National team through 2012.  That's three out of eight players total.  Can you guess who their head coach will be?  Ah, sweet irony.  Sweet, bitter-almondy irony...