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Preseason BlogPoll: A Call for Oracles

Oklahoma or Texas?  Hmm... (via <a href="">santanartist</a>)
Oklahoma or Texas? Hmm... (via santanartist)

The BlogPoll is back again this year, and Rocky Top Talk is proud to be a voting member yet again.  One of the new changes you'll see from us this year is that I'll be taking over the voting duties from Joel, due in part to the restructuring of blogging we've had since Will came aboard.  I plan on conducting the poll in much the same way that Joel did in years past - using numerical metrics to guide the selection and then applying human overrides where necessary.  But that leaves the age-old problem of how to create preseason rankings when there are no numbers to be had.

Throughout the week, I'm going to assemble my ballot in pieces.  First, I'll try to nail down the top 10 (ish) slots, as there is usually a pretty good consensus of the top batch of teams that breaks somewhere around 10.  Then I'll work through the 10-20 range, and finally wrap up by deciding who's in and who's out in the final few slots.  This is where I could really use some help, though.

Because of the preseason business (recruiting, practices, Media Days, etc.), I haven't kept up with many of the teams in the league like I normally would.  I don't put any real stock in preseason polls, but I'd like to submit a well-reasoned ballot to start the show.  CBSSports is giving the BlogPoll some great airtime, and we like to think that it has just as much validity as any other poll out there (if not more).  So help me out here:


Leave your answer in the comments below, and I'll take them on board for the preseason BlogPoll ballot.  Feel free to discuss beyond the top 10 if you want.  It'll all get covered eventually.