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Around SBNation: Potpourri

There is so much going on with fall practices around the NCAA landscape that I decided to bring a hodgepodge of links rather than a systematic theme today.  A little this, a little that ... sounds kinda like my cooking habits during my bachelor days.

  • Still more on the Media Policy.  Acclimation is beginning to set in, even if we don't like what these dadgum revenuers are doing to our sport.
  • Secondary Education.  Nebraska is figuring out that the South is right: secondary education is  learning to play safety.  A great link cache from Corn Nation for those who like to learn more about how the game is played.
  • Ranking UGA's schedule by fear factor.  Though I'm a little suspicious of such a ranking that lists Tennessee as more fear-inspiring than Florida this year.
  • Utes: The Dynasty  Why they can win the Mountain West from Block U.  Seeing as the SEC went 0-fer against the Mountain West last year, perhaps we should respect that.
  • Cue Annoying Noisemaker  Tomahawk Nation turned a year old. 
  • Will Shelton:  Trendsetter  Nunes Magician is in the final round of their create-a-uniform contest.
  • Women  That's the full title of the post on one of the other SBNation blogs.  Now you're curious.  Too curious to pass it up.  You're welcome.