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Talking Points: Bad News in Threes Edition

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(Delayed from the usual morning time due to the other posts on the day.)

Those are your three bad newsies; on to the good.

  • Vols / Cats on ESPN.  Just remind the announcers that the orange blazer is a tradition and not a fashion statement.
  • Tight Ends = Happy.  The tight ends see a much larger role for themselves in the passing game this year, which is making them very happy.  With the uptick in tight end passes in the NFL this decade, I'm sure the prospect of adding to that resume isn't hurting their feelings much.  Short summary:  Luke Stocker is better near the line, and Brad Cottam is better downfield.
  • Marlon Walls is good.  He's fast enough to catch David Oku.  After you take a moment to let your eyes o.O for a bit, stop and consider what a roundup that he, Gerald Williams, and Montori Hughes have been for the Vols.
  • KYLE PRATER KYLE PRATER KYLE PRATER VOLS WOO!  No, he hasn't announced, but he will on September 2.  His five, according to Scout, are Illinois, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee and USC.  Tennessee and USC have the best offenses for his skillset, though Illinois and ND have closer to home and Oklahoma allows him to duck any semblance of defense (except for bowl games) for 3-4 years.  It'll be interesting to see how he picks.