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Talking Points: Moving On

Looking past The Issue, here are some of the other goings-on around Tennessee athletics.

  • Basketball Schedules are outValentine's Day will be extra sweet next year; either we'll wake up with a win against Kentucky, or we'll wake up in the sweet anticipation of their first vacated UT game in the near future.
  • Our Pea Eye.  Pearl says that the schedule was built with an eye on the NCAA tournament.
  • Schedules are also out for the Lady Vols. Pat Summitt laughs at your feeble attempts to put together a strong schedule.  Then demands that you try again until you get it perfect.
  • Rock!  Rock!  Rock!  Pat Summitt is getting in the game for Bria Hartley to fill the scholarship vacancy from Cait McMahan's career-ending injuries.  If Bria visits, I'm sure we can get the Rock painted for her.
  • No World Cup for Neyland Stadium.  Honestly, I'm not surprised.  The first time a player flopped, Summitt would have given them the death glare.
  • Sports Illustrated features the Vols.  They place the Vols 3rd in the East - at 7-5.  There is also this write-up on the team; when asked about joining his son on staff, Mone Kiffin said, "I promise you, if I thought my kid was a jerk, I wouldn't have come here."
  • That's Coach Tee Martin.  Volnation interviews Martin about his upcoming year as quarterbacks coach for New Mexico.
  • Forecasting UCLA.  Doc Saturday takes a look at the rebuilding of UCLA's running game.  Methinks that having our defense practice against our running game will have them a bit overprepared.
  • Moment of truth.  Nick Stephens thinks that this Saturday's scrimmage is his last big chance to win the starting slot.  He's probably right.