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The Big Orange Roundtable - Week Six Roundup


Thanks again to all who participated this week...we review the questions and share some of the best answers from around the Vol blogs:

1. Which newcomer do you expect to play the most total snaps this fall?

We liked Montori Hughes on a thin defensive line, and Ghost at Third Saturday in Blogtober likes Hughes or redshirt LB Herman Lathers:

Hughes wowed coaches in the spring, looking — at times — like the best defensive player on the field after a year in prep school. Though he hasn’t been as dominant during the preseason, I was talking to some buddies the other day, about junior DT Victor Thomas, who was discussed a lot this past week. While it’s encouraging to hear Thomas getting some press and some praise from Kiffin, we all believe it’s a ploy by the Kiffster to motivate Hughes, a sure sign that he expects Hughes to play a lot this year. I think to start, Hughes will be the first DT off the bench for the Vols. So, I think it’ll be a close race between him and Lathers, but I’ll roll with Hughes … for now.

 Home Sweet Home at Gate 21 liked what he saw from Marsalis Teague at the scrimmage two weeks ago.

The rest of the roundup after the jump...

2. Assuming we all believe Gerald Jones leads the team in receptions this season, who finishes second?

Losers With Socks likes Brandon Warren, and we agree, and so does Gate 21.  Ghost, however, brings up an interesting option:  Luke Stocker.  All in all, it has to get better, as Home Sweet Home mentioned:

One final thought: Jones led UT with 30 catches last year and Lucas Taylor led the Vols in yards.  Taylor caught 26 passes.  Who was third?  Arian Foster with 19.  Josh Briscoe and Austin Rogers were the next wide receivers, with both catching 14.  All that is to say again how ineffective the quarterbacks were last year.  Hopefully the second and third leading receivers this year have more catches—which you think has to happen, right? 

3. If Tim Tebow and Eric Berry are the two best players in the SEC, who's third?

It's bad news for the Vols when two different Alabama players are getting love here:  we went with Terrence Cody, 3SIB with Rolando McClain.  Gate 21 likes Brandon Spikes, and LWS likes Phil Steele's Heisman darkhorse.

4. Generally speaking, which fan base if your favorite/least favorite to interact with?

Home Sweet Home and I agree:  we're fine with Auburn, but we don't like Georgia

I got incessantly and constantly barked at, which is fine but extremely annoying.  But even more so, my friends and I got cursed at because we had orange on.  They had no respect for me.  I had sorority girls looking great in red and black dresses dropping the F-bomb at me completely unprovoked. 

3SIB, to no surprise, has Alabama at the top of their list, and LWS agrees:

Alabama is both my favorite and least favorite. Favorite because they are the most gullible and least secure fanbase ever. Least favorite because they interrupt any serious dialogue about the future of our great program.

Thanks again to all who participated...two more weeks, boys.  Two more weeks.