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The Rocky Top Talk Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

After last week's discussion, I have finalized my list for the Blogpoll ballot.  Without further adieu...

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma
5 Alabama
6 Penn State
7 Ohio State
9 California
10 Mississippi
11 Virginia Tech
12 Oklahoma State
13 Oregon
14 Georgia Tech
15 Georgia
16 TCU
17 Brigham Young
18 Boise State
19 North Carolina
20 Florida State
21 Utah
22 Nebraska
23 Iowa
24 Oregon State
25 Kansas

Quick Notes:

  • Alabama through LSU  Flip a coin, and I'd be happy with these four in any order.
  • Cal and Ole Miss  After having my jitters confirmed by others, I moved Cal ahead of Ole Miss.
  • Georgia Tech and Georgia  No, it's not because the Bulldogs are rivals.  Tech played toe-to-toe with UGA last year in Johnson's first year with what most people consider to be lesser talent.  Georgia will be a little wiser to the offense this time around, but the talent gap is closing and the system will be more fluid with the added year of practice.  The latter weighs more strongly in my mind.
  • Kansas  The argument about Todd Reesing won me over.  The kid has been everything KU could have hoped for.  There's no reason to count him out against anybody.  Top 25 it is.
  • Notre Dame  Comments helped here as well.  I had them at #25 initially, simply because the players were a year older.  But we still don't know that Charlie Weis can coach effectively at the college level, which doesn't leave much reason to believe in them.
  • Duke  I actually considered putting the Duke Blue Devils at #25.  Brian Cook would have incurred a brain hemorrhage over it, but that would have made Alabama fans happy, so no dice.