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Bryce Brown Cleared to Play by the NCAA

via the one and only Mike Hamilton's twitter feed (@utadmike):

Bryce Brown fully eligible to compete for the University of Tennessee-can't wait to see him and rest of team on the field vs WKU in 10 days

VolQuest is also on the story ($), including quotes from Lane Kiffin.

This is good news the Vols needed, on a day where Josh McNeil underwent knee surgery and questions remain about the health of Gerald Jones and Denarius Moore.  Brown faces no suspension, and will get his opportunity to play right away in the hotly contested race for carries behind senior Montario Hardesty

And for the situation overall, score one for the good guys.  There was and is a lot of gray in the matters being investigated, including fund raisers for Brown to attend football camps as early as his sophomore year of high school and the presence of Brian Butler - and if this isn't the last time we hear of a potential violation like this involving Butler, I'm sure we won't be surprised.  However, many felt like Brown was singled out in this particular investigation, and that the NCAA wanted to set a precedent with Brown's/Butler's case.  Hooper discussed all this and more last week.

Regardless, Brown is now free, and will almost certainly see meaningful action on September 5 against Western Kentucky.  Let's hope everything else newsworthy in his career happens on the field.