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Talking Points: Tennessee secondary still unsettled

  • The standoff between Gannett and AP on one side and the SEC on the other has resulted in the SEC again revising its media policy, mostly out of PR concerns. Won by the media are additional flexibility in internet news coverage, uses of pictures, and access to video for TV newscasts. The league retains is exclusive rights for game action video on the internet but will allow news conferences and pre-game, post-game, and halftime interviews. Play-by-play blogging is still prohibited.
  • VolQuest gets to know Roger Woods, the team's new chaplain.
  • Alabama has "four or five" guys out sick with the flu. Will we be adding flu reports to injury reports this season?
  • David Oku is shaping up as one of the team's most versatile players.
  • John Adams is impressed with the Kiffin Chimera and thinks the team will be much improved, but warns that it will be several years before they will challenge either Florida or Alabama, both of whom have a significant head start.
  •'s Brian Bennett says not to count on Phillip Fulmer ending up at Louisville.
  • Over the Pylon has its SEC preview up.
  • Former Vol WR Josh Briscoe's been charged with solicitation of a minor football player he was coaching.