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Talking Points: Five things to watch this season, times four, plus RTT's ten

With the team reporting today, Talking Points, if it happens at all, will from this point forward devolve into a list o' links with relatively sparse commentary. We've got our own stuff planned, so rounding up the thoughts of others and commenting on them, while a valid off season pursuit, has become Lower Priority.

It seems that everyone covering Tennessee had the same idea this weekend: to make a List of Five, five things to look for, five players to watch, five, five, five. Well, I'd already written my List of Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2009, which is double, so there. It goes live at 7:30. It is now 7:14, and I'm hoping to beat the deadline. Race!

By the way, exactly what are our plans? Well, first: make a plan. That Plan will include Will's upcoming opponent previews, my Class of 2009 Flash player profiles and random, jumbled thoughts, and hooper's clearing-off-the-desk this week to make room for football. Plus recruiting. It is now 7:16.

Now for the Talking Points:

I still hold that the two keys to beating Florida are a) Hit the Tebow Child and b) Don't let him touch the ball in the first place. Obviously, both are easier said than done, but among the few teams that have been able to hang an 'L' on the Gators with Tebow at the helm the last two years, LSU, Georgia and Michigan combined for 10 sacks and more than a dozen QB hurries in 2007, and Ole Miss sacked Tebow three times last year, holding him to a season-low seven yards on 15 carries. Meanwhile, all four of UF's losses in '07 were in games that it "lost" the time of possession by at least four minutes -- recall LSU's comeback that year, when it mounted two epic touchdown drives that took up more than half the clock in the second half while holding Tebow to 16 non-desperation snaps after halftime, after he'd led scoring drives of 47, 77 and 72 yards on the vaunted Tiger D in the first half. Ole Miss didn't do this last year -- time of possession was almost dead even -- but to me the philosophy is, "Hit him, and if you can't hit him, keep him off the field altogether." Again, much easier said than done -- and much easier done against the pup defense of 2007 than the fearsome vets of 2009.

It is now 7:20. See how quick that is? By the way, if someone out there wants to contribute the old style Talking Points during the season, email me and we'll talk.