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Talking Points: The new era of Tennessee football begins at 2:45

  • The SEC's best champions since expansion - SEC - ESPN
  • Who's my pick as the best SEC champ since the advent of the championship game in 1992? I'm sorry. I can't pick just one, but I will pick the five I would attempt to choose from (listed in chronological order): . . . 1998 Tennessee -- The last unbeaten national champion from the SEC. . . .

    It starts with a live draft Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET. When colleagues Ivan Maisel, Mark Schlabach and I are finished with our cut list, we'll be down to a fast and furious 40 power programs in the newly renamed Gordon Gekko Subdivision. (Motto: "Greed is good.")

    Go Nimrods!

    In fact, my guess is the rest of college football is in for a shock. It’s one thing to hear about how extensive the SEC’s 15-year television package is with ESPN. It’s another thing to see it.


    Not so fast, says LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette, who I called up for the fine print: Miles will only get the $1,000 bump "if he wins the national championship this year," Bonnette said, which corresponds with the AP's widely disseminated accounts then and now. (Go AP.)