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Talking Points: First practice, sounds good

A few particularly meaty bits from the first fall practice yesterday:

  • Wide Receivers. Gerald Jones, who was expected to be limited due to the cast on his wrist, fully participated and even self-punished with push ups when the cast caused him to drop three passes. Jones says he'll be ready for the first game. WR Marsalis Teague looks ready to play, making plays at all three positions. That first link says that Nu'Keese Richardson was battling cramps a bit, but this one says that he "left little doubt that he possesses uncommon speed, even for the SEC. Boy, that sounds good, doesn't it?
  • Running Backs. Bryce Brown and David Oku both "showed athleticism and burst," which makes me giddy.
  • Special teams. Dennis Rogan, Eric Gordon, Nyshier Oliver, Mike Edwards, Nu'Keese Richardson, and Marsalis Teague all returned punts. Yeehaw for blue chips on the field!
  • Secondary. Eric Berry on Ed Orgeron's morning beverage(s) of choice:
    He probably drinks about three [Red Bulls] in the morning. I'm not sure. The thing is that he has coffee, too. That's what messes it up. When you have coffee and Red Bull, I don't think that's a good combination. You can't stay away from him. You're going to hear him. He's going to be screaming somewhere.
    Also, Berry says to watch Art Evans,  who's "going to break out." And don't miss's "Berry's daily walk," a day in the life of Berry. It's very long, but well worth the read.
  • Hooper's going down. We'll be using Fun Office Pools once again for our in-season pick 'em game. We cannot have hooper win again this season, so be sure to sign up and put him in his place.
  • A few potential academic casualties include DT Marlon Walls, James Green, and Mike Edwards. They all have clearinghouse issues, and Walls and Green didn't even show up for practice. 
  • Tennessee made ESPN's Top 40, as did nine of the 12 SEC schools.
  • Video! Funky, but embeddable!