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Talking points: Eric Berry the finger in the dam

  • Eric Berry's fallen off ESPN's Heisman watch list.
  • If the Gators have an offensive weakness, it may be at receiver.
  • Kiffin notes that four years ago, Florida didn't have all these great players and hadn't won two national championships in three years. It's a process that takes some time, he says, and he says his team needs to be rolling by year three.
  • The offensive line was apparently very banged up for the UCLA game and is focused on healing this week. I initially thought that Kiffin's statement in defense of Crompton that Kiffin made a mistake by playing several players who couldn't practice that week referred to receivers Denarius Moore and Gerald Jones, but it apparently also referred to center Cody Sullins and guards Vladimir Richard and Jacques McClendon.
  • At Dr. Saturday, Doug Gillett says Kiffin is battling the perception that he's a boy trying to do a man's job and Dan Shanoff suggests "Zeke 25:17" for Tebow's eye black this week.