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Mainstream media, bloggers join in filling the bucket o' hate

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Vols and Lane Kiffin are getting an awful lot of national media attention this week in advance of the Florida game. CBS's Gregg Doyel busts out the hate stick:

So we know that, when he's good and pissed off, Meyer has a cruel streak. That's good, because this game against Tennessee calls for cruelty. Kiffin needs it.

And that's just the beginning for Doyel. In an effort to be balanced, CBS tasks Mike Freeman with defending Kiffin, but the result is something along the lines of Yeah, he's a jerk, but the SEC needs a jerk.

All of this is tattered papers from a stale file that grew quickly from December to February but has been gathering dust for six months. Kiffin's actually done nothing but heap praise on the Gators lately.

But the stuff in the file is so much more entertaining! Hey, Tim Tebow, what do you think about Lane Kiffin calling Urban Meyer a cheater? Hey, Matt Patchan, do you remember when you called Lane Kiffin a bozo? That was funny. Hey, Urban Meyer, do you find it odd that Lane Kiffin is saying bad things about you when you and his dad are practically friends?

Of course, everyone knows what's going on here. We're all just building drama for the game. Heck, we'll be doing it ourselves in this very space at 10:00 (albeit in a tad more lighthearted manner) with the Record of Wrongs. See ya then!