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The Record of Wrongs: Florida Gators

Hear ye, hear ye. It's Time. Time for Tennessee Volunteer fans to gather for the ceremonial reading of the Record of Wrongs, a litany of the offenses committed by the Florida Gators. Get a cup of coffee because this will take awhile.

Urban Meyer . . .

Dates and scores

  • 1991: Gators 35, Tennessee 18. Ron Zook stole a portion of Tennessee's playbook.
  • 1993: Gators 41, Tennessee 34. Redshirt freshman Danny Wuerffel's first start for the Gators.
  • 1994: Gators 31, Tennessee 0. Wuerffel scores on four of his first five possessions, giving the Vols their worst home loss since 1924.
  • 1995: Gators 62, Tennessee 37. Wuerffel scores seven TDs on seven consecutive possessions.
  • 1996: Gators 35, Tennessee 29. Peyton Manning throws four interceptions and loses a fumble on a sack.
  • 1997: Gators 33, Tennessee 20. Wuerffel leaves, Manning returns, Gators still win. Manning, who lost a total of nine games in his Tennessee career, lost to the Gators four times.
  • 1999. Gators 23, Tennessee 21. Alex Brown dons an invisibility cloak and sacks Tee Martin five times.
  • 2000. Gators 27, Tennessee 23. The "Gaffney Game."
  • 2002. Gators 30, Tennessee 13. Casey Clausen fumbles on four consecutive plays in a downpour.
  • 2005: Gators 16, Tennessee 7. Tennessee suffers a special teams debacle in Urban Meyer's first season.
  • 2006: Gators 21, Tennessee 20. Tennessee rushes for -11 yards.
  • 2007: Gators 59, Tennessee 20. Utter dishumiliarrassment. Gators players accuse Tennessee players of quitting.
  • 2008: Gators 30, Tennessee 6. Florida gives Tennessee a chronic allergy to the red zone.

Probably not true

  • Urban Meyer is secretly harvesting the chins and lips of orphaned children.
  • Tim Tebow is Gene Simmons' concert double.
  • Brandon James thinks banana-kitten smoothies are divine except for the fur.

I'm certain I've missed some. Whatcha got?