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UT Basketball: Trae Golden Commits to the Volunteers

Remember basketball?  We have that sport, too.

Trae Golden is an awesomely-named combo guard out of Powder Springs, Georgia.  He rates as a four-star by both Rivals and Scout, and grades out as a 92 by ESPN.  He's probably more of a shooting guard than a point guard at the moment, but his placement will likely depend more on Tennessee's needs than his actual skills.  At 6'-1", 190 lbs., he's a bit of a return to the smaller, quicker lineups we had during Pearl's early years at Tennessee (read: not last year).  At one time an Ohio State commit, playing for Tennessee will keep him a little bit closer to home and should take advantages of some of his strengths.

He's a good transition player, which is an absolute must in BruceBall.  The part of his game that will likely excite the fans the most, however, is his ability to get hot from outside the arc.  Really hot.  He's known for getting into consecutive three-point streaks that can run the score up in a hurry.  With his size, he's on the short end for a 2 guard and his handling skills aren't quite there yet for the point, so it'll be a balancing act to keep him open and maximize his talents while he's on the court, but that's pretty much the same problem the Tennessee Volunteers faced with Chris Lofton.


(Click the link above if the video is too wide for your screen.)

BruceBall is just around the corner, and this is great news for the BasketVols!