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Tennessee Volunteers at Florida Gators: open game thread

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Jackson the Mule says . . .
Jackson the Mule

mizerle06 wins this week's Hail Mary Haiku with the following:

if crompton pulls off
the unthinkable upset…
lifetime of free beers.

You know, I'm not sure how I'd missed this before (perhaps because it's in an extended version that I've never seen?), but Aragorn's This Day speech (below) is immediately preceded by a scene in which an enemy rep is sent out to engage the good guys in a friendly little chat and instead has his head severed from his body by Aragorn. Talk about burning bridges and boats. Anyway, Aragorn's bold move understandably makes the enemy furious and Aragorn's own troops a bit nervous, but he uses the moment to embolden his men:

Kiffin's antagonistic approach to our most feared rival may not pay off this day for the Vols as it did for the Fellowship, but contrary to popular belief, this is a three- or four-year plan, and this day I do believe that the Vols will at the very least go down fighting. Kiffin has made sure of that.

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game comments below.

Go Vols!