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Tennessee-Florida post game awards

Best particle accelerator. That Eric Berry/Tim Tebow collision. Sure, Berry went backwards, but Tebow had the advantage of a bigger head of steam, and both ended up on the ground. An usher later discovered the Higgs Boson in Section B, Row 13.

Best defensive play, I. Berry, who baited Tebow into throwing to the corner, jumped the route, and got his arms underneath a low, fast pass for one of two Tebow turnovers in the game.

Best defensive play, II. With Florida inching toward the end zone to get into blowout territory, an unidentified Tennessee defender (Montori Hughes? Rico McCoy? That other guy at the bottom of the pile over there?) stripped Tebow of the football, and Dennis Rogan scooped it up and returned it 35 yards. Tennessee then seized the opportunity and scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Best offensive play. Montario Hardesty and the offensive line, who scored the first touchdown against the Gators this season.

Best swing. That Tebow fumble up there and the ensuing Hardesty TD put the score at 23-13 instead of what would likely have been 30-6.

Worst offensive squandering of an opportunity, I. Gerald Jones, who ran out of bounds in the end zone while Jonathan Crompton was completing a pass to him on a roll out.

Worst offensive squandering of an opportunity, II. Crompton's too-straight and too-shallow pass to Jones on the opening drive of the third quarter, which was picked off by Florida's Joe Hayden. The Vols took a good kickoff return and some momentum and turned it into a turnover and a very poor third quarter.

Worst defensive squandering of an opportunity. The sack that wasn't. After holding Florida to a field goal on its first drive of the third quarter, the defense had Tebow practically sacked at two different times at 3rd and three on their next drive. Instead, Tebow outmanuevered the defense for a first down, and the Gators went on to score a touchdown on that drive to extend the lead to 23-6.

Best (worst?) dubious information. That Berry wears the No. 14 because his mother was in labor with him for 14 hours, according to Bob Kesling on Sunday's Lane Kiffin show.

Best question and answer. A viewer of the Lane Kiffin show asked Kiffin why he kicked off directly to Brandon James. Kiffin answered that you couldn't have kicked it out of bounds because the Gators would have made them kick it off again five yards deeper. Because you can only kick away from him on punts, they simply challenged their guys to do a good job in kickoff coverage. Eddie Gran later explained that the kick is supposed to be on the numbers, though, instead of right in the middle of the field.

Best discipline. Is it true that there have been no defensive penalties and only five penalties combined in two games?

Best stat. Tennessee has outscored its opponents 40-0 in the fourth quarter so far this season. That group bounce that the team does just before the fourth quarter actually means something.

Defensive Player of the Game. Eric Berry, who had 11 tackles (9 solo), 2 solo tackles for a loss, and 1 interception.

Offensive Player of the Game. Montario Hardesty, who rushed 20 times for 96 yards and the team's only touchdown. He also caught one pass for four yards. All of this despite the lack of a serious passing threat, Hardesty and the run game kept the Gators' high-powered offense off the field for much of the day and gave the team a WIN in the all-important public opinion game.

What have we missed?