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Talking Points: let's play one degree of Monte Kiffin edition

  • Forget Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Last week, it was Urban Meyer who claimed to have a good relationship with Tennessee defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. This week, it's Ohio head coach Frank Solich. Solich and the Google of Football met more than 40 years ago at Nebraska as players and continue to stay in touch. Weren't there similar stories for UCLA and Western Kentucky? This should be a weekly game. First person to find the connection wins.
  • Receivers partly to blame. Lane Kiffin's not too high on the receivers right now, saying that they need to do a better job with the details. Quintin Hancock is the only receiver to have caught a pass in every game so far, and he's out for Ohio (at least) with a broken jaw.
  • Heresy alert. Kiffin says that true freshman safety Janzen Jackson does some things better than Eric Berry:
    It’s going to sound crazy but there are some things he actually does better than Eric sometimes. He’s not the player Eric is yet. We all know that. But he has potential to be a great player.
    According to Kiffin, Jackson has "looser hips" and will be an All-American someday. Put "Swivel" in the pending nicknames for the freshmen.
  • Speaking of Berry, he's back on ESPN's Heisman Watch list this week at No. 6. One of the experts put him 2nd.
  • More on losing, but winning. Dave Hooker takes a look at the recruiting competition between Tennessee and Florida and finds Tennessee in the lead. In 2009, Tennessee was ranked 8th and 10th (depending on which service you're looking at), ahead of Florida. So far this year, Tennessee is ranked 3rd and 4th while Florida is 9th and 7th. For 2010, Tennessee is ranked 1st and 2nd (behind LSU) in the SEC. For next year's class, the Vols have four five-star prospects, and Florida has three.
  • I suspect the Clawfense. Somebody put a sticky on Lane Kiffin's door reminding him that his offense is currently ranked 73rd in the nation. Suspects include Dave Clawson, whose Bowling Green offense is ranked 65th. Of course, much of Tennessee's ranking is due to a subset of the offense: Jonathan Crompton is tied for 118th in interceptions. Only SMU has more. Yikes.
  • Well, no wonder. On this day in 1972, Purdue Boilermaker quarterback Gary Danielson rushed for 213 yards in a losing effort against Washington. That he was a running QB might explain his over-affection for Tim Tebow, huh?