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Around the SB Nation: previewing Ole Miss vs. South Carolina

  • Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion and South Carolina blog Garnet and Black Attack exchange Q&As in advance of Thursday night's matchup between the Rebels and the Gamecocks.
  • Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries takes a look at the Big Ten and concludes that it "isn't that awesome."
  • Team Speed Kills takes a look at the unsolved mysteries of the SEC.
  • Welcome to two new SB Nation blogs: Sippin on Purple (Northwestern Wildcats) and BC Interruption (Boston College). Welcome, guys!
  • Florida fans sure are working hard to minimize Tennessee's "moral victory," which, by the way, is only being characterized as so by non-Tennessee fans as far as I can tell. Anyway, they're looking behind the score to the stats and ignoring the fact that if the stats are no better than they were in 2008, it likely has to do with different game plans. Game plans that yes, were calculated to keep things close to improve the odds of winning. And one more thing, I'll take interceptions over punts any day.
  • Sigh. It appears that Dawg Sports completely missed the fact that Lane Kiffin's flu comment was a dig at Urban Meyer's use of the flu as an excuse for Saturday's performance. Hey, maybe we should start calling that a moral loss for the Gators.