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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Ohio Hail Mary Haiku

Vote for your favorite Tennessee-Ohio Hail Mary Haiku below. The entries are re-published below the jump.

A "good" Gator loss
Will mean nothing if we don’t
Get a Bobcat win.

by ChattVol

Ohio’s mascot,
half Bob, the other half cat.
Not a real mascot.

by rustytanton

"Bobcat was written
In obscure vernacular"
- Royal Kiffin-baums

by birdjam

A QB named "Boo"
Solich is experienced
Don’t get MAC Attack’d

by everloyal

It’s time for a win
Can we throw for TDs? Hmmm.
We have Hardesty

by Incipient_Senescence

Defense 101
UT has Eric Berry…
…and your team doesn’t.

by Getoffmyvols

Methinks moral victories suck
But thank Monte: the entire state of florida is now bankrupt
Next? O-H…I-O

by kidbourbon

Kiff is still talking
He is brash, and I like it
Let’s start a win streak

by kidbourbon

VOLS crave 2 and 2
O-HI-O or O-S-U
Either or will do!

by UTNolan