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Tennessee-Ohio post game awards

Worst announcing. Randy somebody. And don't bother asking him what his last name is, because he'd probably get it wrong. The guy botched names, teams, calls, rules, orders to the concession stand, pretty much everything. My favorite (paraphrased):

Randy SomethingOrOther: Gerald Jones lined up in the Wildcat. [Hands off to Hardesty, who scores.]

Jeff Francis: Actually, that was Nu'Keese Richardson lined up at QB and handing off to Hardesty.

Randy WhatsHisName: [watching the replay . . .] Yes, you're right. Not Gerald Jones, Marsalis Teague at quarterback on that play.

He also said at one point that Kentucky was up 34-7 on Florida or something and reversed the score of the very game he was calling. I think the rain was pooling on the top o' that guy's head.

Worst flashback. Ohio returned Tennessee's first kickoff all the way for a touchdown. Thought we'd had those behind us this year. Guess not.

Best play, offense. On 4th and short and driving for a touchdown, and finally having established Tennessee as a power rushing team, Lane Kiffin called play action. Jonathan Crompton checked down from his primary receiver (who was covered) and tossed off to Hardesty, who ran for 18 yards to the three yard line.

Best sight for tired eyes. On the very next play, Crompton hit on a fade route (remember those?) to Brandon Warren (remember him?) for a TD. The play was executed well all around.

Worst not agains. Crompton had another two turnovers, a team-effort interception that was thrown into double coverage and a roll-out sack with a fumble that Ohio picked up and ran back for a touchdown. Replay showed that the Bobcat who picked up the fumble had a foot out of bounds when he did, so it was Tennessee's ball, but wow. And again wow.

Best play, defense. With Ohio backed up on their own nine yard line on third and the river (29), Chris UnWalkerble peeled off his pass rush to stay in coverage for the screen pass, which came straight to him. He plucked it out of the air in traffic and ran it in for a pick six.

Best headhunters. Tie: Janzen Jackson and Rico McCoy, both of whom were freed up a bit by the fact that Ohio was trying especially hard to stay away from the Chief Headhunter, Eric Berry. Jackson and McCoy each had at least two scary hard hits on Bobcats.

Player of the game, offense. Montario Hardesty, who ran twenty times for 140 yards and caught two passes for another 29 yards. He also had one TD.

Biggest surprise. That the Vols gave up 319 yards in the air to the Bobcats. Did we miss Dennis Rogan that much? Is it time to return Berry to his favored position?

Player of the game, defense. Rico McCoy, who had eight tackles (five solo), a half a TFL, a forced fumble, a pass breakup, and a QB hurry to boot. The man was everywhere doing damage to everything, and it was a lovely sight.

Worst news. That fan favorite Nick Reveiz will miss the rest of the season. Kiffin said on his TV show that Reveiz is everything that they want in a player and that losing him is a "huge blow" to the team. That's bad, bad, bad with a side of nasty timing.

What'd we miss?