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Around the SB Nation: updating the Tim Tebow injury

  • Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries congratulates Iowa on the Hawkeyes' win over the Nittany Lions and has a warning for PSU fans: "Fuel up the struggle bus, people. It's going to be a bumpy ride."
  • Gobbler Country, hampered a bit by post-game inebriation, posts stream of conscious thoughts on Virginia Tech's big win over Miami.
  • There were many problems for Cal on Saturday, but none worse than the poor play of the offensive line.
  • Dawg Sports, on Georgia's narrow victory over Arizona State.
  • Bruins Nation says that with the Pac 10 race wide open this Saturday's game with Stanford will be the biggest for UCLA since 2001.
  • Crimson and Cream Machine makes a compelling case for abolishing polls until October.
  • Double T Nation says two bad calls by Mike Leach on 4th and Goal from the 1 cost the Red Raiders a loss to Houston.
  • Gonzaga blog "The Slipper Still Fits" takes an in-depth look at highly touted point guard signee Grant Gibbs.
  • Blogging The Bracket analyzes the outlook for exempt tournament events in college basketball this year.
  • What does the loss of the Mountain West's best running back mean for Utah?