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Emmanuel Negedu rushed to hospital after passing out during workout

GVX is reporting that Tennessee basketball player Emmanuel Negedu passed out during a workout and was rushed by ambulance to UT Medical Center. He was apparently conscious and alert during transport, and I believe that UT tests all athletes for sickle cell trait and other latent conditions, so there's no need to fear the worst at this time.

More as it develops and as time permits.

[Note by Joel, 09/28/09 7:14 PM EDT ] UPDATE: Negedu is in stable condition, will undergo "an extensive battery of diagnostic tests," and will be held overnight for observation.

According to one of Tyler Smith's tweets from last Friday, the team is really working hard. Negedu, though, had already gone through a strenuous workout Monday morning and had gone on to attend classes before returning for a lighter session. It was after that session, when he and Bobby Maze were leaving, that he passed out.