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Talking Points: defending the defense, the defensible, and the defenseless

  • Mike Strange is defending Tennessee's defense, saying that it wasn't as bad as real-time made it feel.
  • Not to be outdone, Mike Griffith is defending both Bruce Pearl and Jonathan Crompton. On Bruce, Griffith notes that he's the same gregarious guy on ESPN as he is in a small, media-less room full of autistic kids or on the streets of some obscure European country trying to get folks to see his team play. Anyone who talks so well so much and has such a good time doing it is likely to end up with his foot in his mouth every once in awhile. On Crompton, Griffith takes a closer look at Crompton's passes against Ohio and finds several dropped passes and good throw-aways among the still-too-many errors.
  • Whoa. That story about Emmanuel Negedu "passing out" after a workout yesterday? He had to be revived with a defibrillator. Still no news on his overnight tests.
  • Straight from Mike Hamilton's tweeter, we won't know the time for next week's Georgia game until Monday, but it will be either "noonish" or 3:30.
  • Nick Reveiz's knee injury? A torn ACL. How are they going to replace him in the middle? Lane Kiffin said that if it was late in the season, they'd just plug in the backup, but with eight games remaining, they're considering a lot of different options. Yesterday, they put Savion Frazier -- who's been backing up Rico McCoy at weakside -- at the Mike. Redshirt freshman Herman Lathers -- who's been listed as Reveiz's backup -- is another option. Lathers didn't take on that role against Ohio when Reveiz went out because Lathers had a concussion, so true freshman Nigel Mitchell-Thornton filled the hole.