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Around the SB Nation: Alabama = Godzilla, Florida = Predator

  • The difference between Alabama-good (Godzilla) and Florida-good (Predator), explained by Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue in a way that basketball fans can understand.
  • Don't look now but Wisconsin is 4-0. Bucky's 5th Quarter takes a look at both the good and the bad from Saturday's win over Michigan State.
  • Alabama's lost Dont'a Hightower to a season-ending knee injury. Roll Bama Roll wonders how he'll be replaced.
  • Tomahawk Nation begins its latest post by telling readers not to expect a "huge Bowden rant" and then spends the next 500 words (a "quick synopsis" TN calls it) doing just that before moving on to other things. Was FSU's loss to South Florida was a sort of tipping point?