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Vote for the winner of the Western Kentucky Hail Mary Haiku

Okay, so I am leery of whittling these down to just ten for fear of leaving someone out, and yet more than ten gets unwieldy. We can't just go on recs because only a few people are using them, and I don't think anyone used them for these. So I'm posting all of them this week and taking suggestions on how to resolve the problem of beaucoup haiku.

This week's contestants republished after the jump.

The new era, now
Red hand towels are no match
For big orange Kiffin

by kidbourbon

Bryce Brown Cleared to play
Thank you much N.C.A.A.
Heisman in three years

by go_vols_go

Charles Woodson: the Thief
Watches his back now. Captain
Crunch: target acquired.

by bobo_the_vol

A season filled with promise
The future is now

by danmarcel

Captain Caveman is
disappointed his likeness
inspired Big Red.

by ChattVol

Poppers, Stoppers, what?
Something must rhyme. No? Oh well.
ISO, go on three.

by rustytanton

Kiffin and Crompton
now have afresh their one need:

by wshelton2

Jonathan Crompton,
Please, Please, PLEASE don’t screw this up.
We’ve suffered enough.

by wvvol

Oh sweet September
Kool-Aid Man asks, are you ready?
Kiffin says, "oh yea!"

by Getoffmyvols

Hail Mary Haiku?
No healthy wide receivers,
So: Hand-off Haiku.

by birdjam

A Hand-off Haiku?
I see you and raise you one:
Hail Pahokee-ku!

by bobo_the_vol

Throw a Hail Mary
Near that guy Eric Berry
Afraid? Be very!

by kidbourbon

Kickoff Finally Here
Can Kiffin Lead Us To Glory
New Era Starts Saturday

by Big Orange Michael

The anti-clawfense:
run, run, run, pass, no, wait, run
take that Hilltoppers!

by Volorado

Western Kentucky?
Mr. Lane Kiffin’s Vol train
Has hauled it away.

by ttocswob

clap clapclapclap ER-IC BER-
RY clap clap clapclap…

by CornFromAJar

chimera steps forth
seven principles live on
march on, Tennessee!

by thetennesseethumper

Not Cats, Hilltoppers
Find their way into Neyland
For coin, but don’t score…

by azvol